Upcoming Events

Guppy Associates International Chicago 55 Year Charter member of the
International Fancy Guppy Association

Proudly hosts the 2023 IFGA 74 Class Guppy Show and Auction
Show Event Schedule:

  • Saturday April 29th Closed to the Public
  • Sunday April 30th Viewing (8 AM) and Auction (10 AM) (free admission)

Hampton Inn, Addison, IL

The hotel is located in the Centerpoint Shopping Center at the intersection of Route 53 and Lake Street.  Enter the complex via Lake Street (Rte. 20).

The show will be open to the public at 8 AM on Sunday, April 30th.  An auction of IFGA-quality guppies, equipment and other species of tropical fish will begin at 10 AM (no admission charge).  .

The Official show rules can be found in the Show Section at www.ifga.org –  guppies will be accepted for the competition on Saturday only.   Judging is on Saturday by IFGA Standards.

A public auction of fancy show guppies starts at 10:00 AM  Sunday and continues until all auction fish are sold.

For more information call (630) 627-8051.